Patch v1.2 Halloween Update


Bug Fixes

  • The level tiles should now correctly display their tooltips.
  • New users will be able to select their language at startup now, instead of the game defaulting to Italian.
  • Manta Level now has the freeze tiles it was supposed to have instead of the fast ones.
  • Achieving wave 30 achievements will now be correctly awarded.
  • Navigating to a sub menu while on the options menu should no longer unpause the game.

New Content!

  • Themes! The themes feature is now live. If you preferred the older color scheme you can now select it. There is a more menacing looking boss to go with it.
  • Halloween Theme Now Available! All of the enemies have dressed up for halloween.
  • 5 New Halloween Themed Levels
    • Conical Crown
    • Candy R&B
    • Spooky
    • Itchy Ear
    • Carving Time
  • 2 New Level Tiles
    • Slime Tile Activate this tile and it will consume a single enemy (even a boss!) and dissolve it over time. It will then grab another one. The more health the enemy has, the longer it will take to dissolve.
    • Candy Tile Pay to remove this tile from the board but then it spawns a candy enemy with 7,000 health per candy you have spawned. Defeat the enemy and it will give you 500 gold!


  • UI Adjustments for PC I have started putting in some size adjustments, more to come.
  • Tweaked Swarm Level Swarm Level now has two less flier tiles. It was the ones farthest outside that seemed to make the level less fun.
  • Added tiles to Puddle Stomp This level just wasn't as fun and was too straight forward. Added tiles to increase mazing.

Enemy Balance Changes

  • Health Adjustment  Easy still doesn't feel quite easy enough. Also it definitely felt like there were two games under 30 and post 30. I made some adjustments to try and even that feeling out. Shouldn't effect gameplay too much except maybe on hard mode.


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Oct 17, 2018
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Oct 17, 2018

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Cool looking game! Is it multiplayer?

No, sorry. Single player tower defense game.